Thursday, July 26, 2012

Yes, Yes, We Know...

We are terrible at updating this blog!  We seem to have had something going on everyday, and the time has just gotten away from us.  But, here it is....the latest news from Aus!
Since our last post, we've done so much!

My friend, Sarah organized a little get together for some of the ladies I taught with at my school in Aus.  It was such a lovely surprise.  It was great to spend time with all the babies!

Spencer meeting his Great Grandma

On July 14th we had a party here at the Piggott House for Brett's family and close family friends. The purpose of this was so Spencer and I could meet everyone, and so Brett could also have all his important people all together for the first time in a long time.   It was a great day.  Spence and I met so many wonderful people.  Brett is a very loved guy and I'm lucky to have such lovely people in our Aussie world. 

Spencer entertained the crowd with his amazing jumping skills.
Uncle Roy, on the left, brought some "yummy" critters to eat.  :/

Uncle Roy's marron wandering the lawn.

Brett's parents had two weeks off with us and his sister, Julia joined us for the second week as well.  Our first grand adventure together was to Big Swamp, a wildlife reserve with birds, wallabies and KANGAROOS! Brett's cousin-in-law, Jodi and her daughter (Brett's second cousin?...Spencer's second cousin?), Chloe also came along.  I was so excited.   I couldn't wait for Spencer to have his first look at Kangaroos.  And the boy didn't disappoint!  He loooooved it.  He giggled and reached out to touch them.  He was so curious and happy.  It was just heart melting to hear him laugh at the friendly roos as I fed them with him cuddled in my lap.  He enjoyed seeing all the birds as well. Some were friendly enough to land on us for some birdseed.  Graeme, however, managed to find a naughty little parrot who was a bit of a carnivore.  Ouch!  I have to admit, I loved seeing all the animals as much as Spencer did.  It was a great day. 
Spencer is not happy that Daddy ditched him to look at the wombat.

Our next adventure was to Gnomesville.  From what I understand, Gnomesville started when someone left a garden gnome or two at the side of an intersection.  Then someone added more.  And someone else added more.   And now it is just way out of control with thousands of gnomes and other things left there.  We, of course, needed our own gnomes.  So the day before, Julia and I bought gnomes and spent the evening painting them.  Little did we know that were also installing our own gnome protection device, since the paint didn't dry at all, and when we went to gnomesville the next day we carefully placed our still wet gnomes, took photos, and then left them there knowing that if anyone tried to mess with out gnomes they would get a handful of paint.  Haha!  Anyway, gnomesville was awesome.  Bizarre, but awesome.  We followed this strange experience up with a little lunch beside a nearby field.  Here, Spencer got his first close look at cows.

Our gnomes!  Wet paint and all!
Our picnic spot.  Here is our coffee man!

On another day we went to Wellington Dam and Honeymoon Pool.  They are very beautiful, scenic areas.  Great spots for photos! 

This is what happens when you ask a brother and sister to cuddle up for a photo.

We've had lots of little adventures here and there, and have just enjoyed spending time together.  We all even shared a nice cold.....achooooo....and spent some days close to home hoping everyone would get healthy again.  This week, Brett's parents and sister had to return to work, so we headed off to the small town where Brett grew up.  Manjimup has a population of about 7000.  Brett's Gran and Grandad still live there.  We spent two nights with them.  It was wonderful to get to know them better.  Their stories were amazing, and even better were the home videos of Brett as a curly-haired teenager. :)

So there's a quick update for ya.  It's not a complete recount of everything we've done, but it'll do!   We'll try to be better at this blogging thing.

Spencer and Julia's cat having a stare-down.
Spencer's newest love...Julia's iphone.  He looooves the music and it's pretty tasty too.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Just a little flight to Oz...

At Toronto Airport
On July 2, we packed our suitcases and headed to Toronto to start our wee 28 hr flight to Oz. We had three flights with three different airlines, with very little time in between.  It was interesting to observe the differences between airlines.  Two out of three had us sitting right behind first class.   Ummmmm? A baby sitting behind the curtain of first class?  Anyway, they were all very helpful and wanted to do what they could to make Spencer comfortable.  Spence was a champ.  He handled it all very well.  28 hrs later we arrived in Perth tired, stinky, but very proud of our little guy.

Playing on the floor of the plane

Since arriving we've been trying to sit down and write a blog. However, it's been a bit of a tough go adjusting to the time change.  Spence was crashing at around 2-5pm and waking at somewhere around 12am, and would then wake up every hour wanting to play.  We would be attacked by a ball of cute insisting it was indeed time to get up for the day.  Now, he still wants to get up, but he is far less nice about it.  No more ball of cute.  He's learned that scream crying gets faster action. We are sure it will all settle down sometime soon....or he will start sleeping with his grandparents. :)  Don't expect any clever and witty humour in this post...we simply have no active brain cells on that side of our brains. 

Spencer and Grandad
We've had a great first week.  It's been lovely spending time with Brett's family.  Spencer is a very loved little man.  He certainly isn't lacking in cuddles and kisses!  He met his second cousin Chloe on his first full day here....they stared at each other...blink blink blink.....that was about all. 

Spence and Chloe

 We took Spence for a walk in the Bjorn on Friday.  He loved the first half....then he got quiet...then fell asleep.

On Sunday we headed out for another walk with Brett's parents and sister, Julia.  It was a bit colder that day!   This was Spencer's first look at the ocean!

 Spence has been trying some new foods.  He likes sweet potato. He hasn't tasted vegemite yet...gross...sorry Brett, but it really is gross.  He clearly won't like it. :)

In Aus they have bird feeders for PARROTS!!!  No photos of roos yet.  We did see a couple from the car.  So exciting!

Spence has enjoyed all the new faces and experiences.

Playing the piano with Auntie Julz

On Saturday we drove to Perth to meet up with my beautiful friend, Sarah and go to a Christmas in July party.  Somehow I forgot to take photos. So not like me!   Anyway, this week will be full of even more family and friends.  Loads more photos and stories to come.  And hopefully loads more sleep as well. :)