Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hmmmm.....what happened to the time?

Well we seem to be a fair bit behind in this blogging thing. When school started, our world suddenly became quite full of work, work, work. Blah. But now things are looking up! I am off of work until Christmas of next year. It doesn't seem real to me yet. Anyhoooo back to the update. Our wee roo continues to grow and do I...which I suppose makes sense. It is a bit concerning to watch my feet disappear, and I don't much like having to ask for help with lots of things (like putting on shoes, or carrying the laundry basket downstairs) but feeling the wee guy moving around in there is really cool. We can now watch him move from the outside. Looks a bit like a horror film where the alien springs out of it's host's belly. Our little man does not like the seat belt or any tight waistbands. He punches and punches them. He's got spirit already. I'm posting a few picks from when I was six months along. I am now seven and a half, and much larger than these pics. Will have to take some more and post them asap!