Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Days Go Zooooooom

I can't believe how fast time is going by!   Spencer is now 11 weeks old.  11 WEEKS!   Oh my.   I've fallen way behind in posting his weekly photos!

I recently saw a show that was about how to keep your brain active and keep dementia away.  One of the number one things was to get enough sleep.  I wonder if anyone has ever done a study on moms to see if perhaps we all suffer from brain-deadedness.....yes I made that term up...and later in life have dementia as a result.  I know I would not pass any brain tests right now.  I have a hard time remembering where I put my coffee.  I never leave the house with all the things I need.  And I often walk into rooms and stand there pondering why I am there.  Its a new and frustrating way to live.  Half alive.

Despite only having half a brain, I love being Spencer's mom.  He's just the best.  I feel so lucky. I hope my half a brain can remember every second of this incredible time. He has started holding up his head for longer periods of time.  He can also roll onto his side!  We believe he has started teething as well (yikes) because he has started to drool, chews his hands, had a fever, red cheeks, diaper rash, and was crying for no reason...all signs of teething, poor wee thing.  But normally, there are lots of smiles, coooooooos, and happy squeals.  He's very loooong and even some of the clothes for 3-6 month olds have become too short.  He loves to listen to Brett sing and play the guitar.  And he enjoys playing games and singing with me.  Although he can't pick up or hold objects yet, he will bat at the toys hanging down above him and also attempts to touch my face which usually results in me getting punched in the head.  His absolute favourite thing to do is snuggle in very close to my face and talk to me for a few minutes while putting his hand on my nose, chin, forehead....with the occasional slap across my face.  The boy loves water as well!  He's very happy in the shower, and really loves a bath.  His eyes get really wide in the tub and he kicks his legs and flails his arms around while squealing.  Its adorable.....until he swallows a big gulp of bath water.

We've done lots of things together- went to the movies, learned baby massage, baked cookies, lots of walks, hung out with our baby group, baby bootcamp, spent an afternoon at a sugar bush.  Today's agenda?  Well we have some jobs to get done, but it's a lovely day- a beautiful sunny 25 degrees, so we are going to put on some sunnies and sun lotion, and go for a walk.  We also have to hit the mall and buy a sunhat and some shorts.  Summer in March?  :) weeehoo!

He suddenly discovered his hands!  He kept waving them and wiggling his fingers with a look of concentration on his face.

We went to a sugar bush.  Brett helped to collect the sap while Spencer and I relaxed in the sun.

Thursday, March 1, 2012