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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Life of a New Mom

Howdy all. Cindy here (as you could tell by the title of this entry). I'm enjoying a little bit of down time as my wee angel naps. Time for a blog update!

When I was pregnant I was told hundreds of times that my life "would never be the same". This comment was usually followed by a "errrrrr, weeellll, I mean it will be good, just never the same". I tried to file these comments in my brain under the title of "Well Intentioned, But Never Mind". I know these comments were meant to help prepare me for the big change of parenthood. But lets be real here, folks.....what pregnant lady doesn't know that her life is about to change? From the first night I spent hanging over the toilet, I knew my life would never be the same.

So, on Dec 30, at 3 AM when my water broke, I attempted to keep in mind that I knew this was coming. However, truth is I just about threw up from nervousness. Not only were we going to leave the house as two people and return as a family of three....I had to get this third person out of my body.....which I had heard many times was not all that pleasant. I also could not stop talking from the excitement of it all. I was finally going to meet this wee guy who I had felt moving around in there for months.

From 3 AM until he was born at 11:02 PM we saw many doctors and nurses, had many tests done, went out for breakfast while in labour, paced many hallways, got through many hours of labour without epidural, listened to music, gave in and got an epidural......thanked god for the invention of the epidural, lost all shyness and got used to flashing anyone at anytime, felt the epidural wear off....and then finally made it through 30 intense minutes of pushing and... a new baby was put on my chest. It was a surreal moment. One I will never forget.

I've now been a mom for 21 days. I've changed many diapers. I've cried out of fear and worry. I've laughed at his many faces. I've sung songs while rocking him and dancing around the living room. I've learned how to breastfeed a baby (ouchy). I've cried out of frustration when he won't stop screaming at 3AM. I've stared at his face for long periods of time. I've felt insanely happy with him curled up on my chest sleeping. I've been peed on countless times. I've fallen deeper in love with Brett for being an amazing dad. I've been very thankful for all the help from Brett's parents. I've loved watching my parents turn to mush while holding their grandson. I've been amazed at the generosity of others. And I've fallen totally in love with a wee boy named Spencer. Yes my life has changed forever. And right now I am so tired that I can barely focus on the letters on the screen.....and Spencer, currently curled up on my chest asleep, just passed wind right in my face. But I wouldn't give it up.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Two Weeks Already!

I can't believe its been over two weeks since Spencer was born. He has now outgrown some outfits he wore last week. It has made me realize I need to cherish this time with him. With that adorable little face, you just can't help but enjoy every snuggle.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our Beautiful Spencer

After a few confusing trips to the hospital, and a long day of labour and waiting we welcomed our adorable Spencer Evan Piggott into the world on Dec. 30. He was 7lbs 13 oz...a remarkably small size for my (Cindy's) family. We are completely in love with our little man.