Thursday, June 21, 2012

Weeks 24 and 25 of Spencer's Wee Life

Brett's first Father's Day. 

Spencer tries water for the first time.

Rice cereal and banana.  So far it's the only thing he will eat.  Well, I doubt much makes it into his belly.

It's getting harder to take photos of him with the number stickers on his onesies.  He immediately tries to peel it off and eat it.

This week we had a heat wave. We don't have a pool, so we made one using a storage container.

Yes that is the cutest bottom in the history of the world.  Yes someday he will be mad at me for taking this photo.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Teething Tales

Remember when our little Roo was this small?  Here he is just minutes old....

But now...our wee man has been busy growing some teeth.  His bottom two teeth busted through the gums about two weeks ago. Spence was pretty uncomfortable for a few days, but he handled it fairly well.  He liked chewing on a cloth covered ice cube to ease the pain.  We are hoping the next round of teeth doesn't happen during our plane ride to or from Aus.  We won't be making any friends if it does!

One lovely day, Spence went out with me to practice using my camera.  He was an excellent assistant.   He also got his first chance to touch and explore grass and dirt.  It was pretty cute to watch his face fill with concentration and curiosity while he ran his hands along the ground.  I had to stop him from eating the dirt a few times.  The boy wants to eat everything.

We went for our first swim at a recreation centre pool in Barrie.  We only got one photo in before the lifeguard told us that taking photos wasn't allowed.  In the photo, Spence is observing the people in the big pool next to our little pool.  That is the same look Brett gives me all the time. I was so excited to take Spence swimming because he loves the bathtub so much.  Usually during bath time he happily squeals and kicks and swings his arms about, so I imagined that the pool would be so exciting for him.  Well....he didn't react at all.  He calmly sat in our arms and observed the other people.  No squeals, giggles or flailing about.  Nothing.  Oh well, perhaps he's just getting used to it?

The BEST way to wake up!

New teeth!

Week 20 was the week of blowing raspberries and making rude noises.

Ready for a swim!

Our new couch!

Let's get this sticker off...

Clever boy!